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Meet Vovve

Vovve [voh-veh] a Swedish word for dog. Also my first word as a baby. This undoubtedly began the foundation of my passion for dogs. My mother was also pleased - not only could she share her native language with her daughter but also her unconditional love for animals, specifically dogs.  And that is what I plan to do through Vovve - to pass on the ability to share unconditional love for our dogs as they do for us.

We believe the same considerations you have while shopping for you or your loved humans should be taken when purchasing products for the one who shows you unconditional love, every day. 


We have worked hard to curate brands that care about the environment and your pup, and that are ethically made. We took the guesswork out of your process so you can easily make the right decision when it comes to shopping. 


with love,

Sarah, Luna & Balto

The Pack




Proud dog mom of Luna & Balto. I have extensive experience in product development, sourcing, and production. My passion for creativity and love for dogs has made it possible for Vovve to become reality. 



French Bulldog

Professional snoozer, Treat enthusiast & Off Leash Runner. Certified Senior Dog Stylist & Product Tester - Luna has 7 years of experience with comfortable beds, harnesses, treat tasting. 

balto, husky, blue eyes



The newest pack member & by far the wildest - at 2.5 years, Balto is the ultimate adventurer and goofball. He loves toys, long leashes, and playing in the snow.

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